About Misty

My name is Misty and I’m happy to be from the foodie city of Portland, Oregon. I’m a runner, currently training for my third 26.2 in October. Not only do I run for fitness and stress relief…I RUN TO EAT. Those who know me know it’s impossible to have a conversation with me without brushing over the topic of food…at least twice. Although you might hear me fantasizing about berry crisp, red velvet cake or cheesy lasagna…I’m also a bit of a health nut. As a runner I try to eat foods that will energize and fuel my body. I believe any dish can be “healthified” and still taste just as…mmmmmmm. My blog includes recipes that do just that–fuel and satisfy. Enjoy!

My favorite things (in no particular order):

Oregon microbrews.

My lovely friends (not all pictured here of course)



Traveling…and my boyfriend.

Eating…and cooking.

Cute fuzzy animals.

Red wine.

…and dessert. Especially when it’s fed to me.


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